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Standing on the shoulders of giants off their own                   

Silver Star resources invested eight treasure :
First, a strong brand system
Silver Star brand after ten years of development and accumulation, professional brand image , awareness and reputation of high reputation in the industry , the product has a very strong market competitiveness.

Second, the operation mode of the mature
Successful two tier cities brands mode of operation , reduce investment risk.

Third, the regional brand protection
Each region located only an agent of the franchise model , franchisees protection agency .
Fourth, strong advertising support
Ad spending tens of millions each year , the annual CCTV , various TV prime advertising time phased delivery plan to ensure the brand 's leading position in the industry .

Fifth, efficient and standardized training system
Bao will be organized before the franchisee opened a series of professional job training, brand culture training, professional training, sales skills training , POP systems training, service and training .

Sixth, a unified marketing strategy
Provide a unified experience store image, unified prices , unified management, unified quality of service.

Seventh, efficient management system
Supply system through an online platform for the selection of goods fortune and the latest information sharing.

Eighth, perfect and attentive service
Humane tone replacement system, reduce business risk .