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Declaration (1) on the Strengthening of Intellectual Property Protection

Declaration on the strengthening of intellectual property protection.

Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises located in Shenzhen China, our company attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and have a series of patents.

In the past period of time, some companies appeared on the market from time to time by the production and sales suspected of infringing our patents. Recently we found Shenzhen KinYat Power Electronics Co., Ltd. produced several iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners suspected of infringing our patents (Roomba56708, Roomba770, Roomba620), our company have appealed to the Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality (Intellectual Property of Shenzhen Municipality) in accordance with the law. We request for administrative processing to Shenzhen KinYat Power Electronics Co., Ltd.’s alleged violations behavior on our patent(patent No.:ZL20112029429.6); we request he Bureau to confirm the violations behavior of our patent, and require it stop producing the infringing products and compensate our losses.

The Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality has accepted our request for administrative and initiate an investigation, the case is currently under investigation.

In the future, our company will strengthen the market surveillance, take more powerful legal action on the infringement of our patents and other intellectual property rights behavior in accordance with law.