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Activity Board ‘Changing Old Battery to a New One’

In order to return KV8’s loyal customers, our company plans to hold an activity ‘changing old battery to a new one of all KV8 robot cleaners’.  We welcome every customer to attend this activity. Moreover, some attentions have to be known in the following place.


1.The old battery must be KV8 robot cleaner’s original matched battery. If it is not the original matched battery, the new one will not be sent.  The participants need to provide purchasing proof, color box’s photo and battery’s photo.

2.If customers want to attend this activity, the only way is applying in our company’s official Sina’s blog. Some operation details will be showed  in the picture mentioned above.

3.The time of the changing battery from the release date to participant date needs to be less than 18 months (include 18 months). The  recognizing method can be discussed with our employees in Sina’s Blog.

4.The return fee of delivery needs be paid by the participant.

(Limited number of participants: 1000)

                                                This activity’s final explaining right is owned by Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.