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Silver Star Intelligence Attended Kashi Commodities Fair

The 9th Xinjiang Kashi South and Central Asia Commodities Fair (Kashi Commodities Fair) was held in Kashi International Central Exhibition in 28th of June, 2013. Lv Ruifeng, Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Shenzhen City, was held up as the head of Shenzhen Trade Delegation. In this delegation, there were 54 companies and more than 200 people. Silver Star Intelligence became one of the most attractive companies in this exhibition.

Ma Song, Sales Manager, talked about the reasons of Silver Star Intelligence’s first-time presence in Kashi Commodities Fair. The first reason is Central and South Market covered by Xinjiang Kashi is very attractive. The second reason is our company is very confident to open this area’s market. In this exhibition, Lv Ruifeng, Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Shenzhen City, visited our company’s products and highly praised our company’s huge contribution in Service Robot Industry. Moreover, he claimed Silver Star Intelligence, as the leader of Shenzhen Intelligent Vacuum Robot, built a model for the whole Service Robot Area and encouraged us to push our advantages, broadened the range of the cooperation with Scientific Research Institutions and Famous Universities and expanded the Service Robot Area.