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Silver Star Intelligence Attended Chinese Delicate Household Appliances’ NO.1 Exhibition

From 9th to 11th of June, 2013, Shanghai International Shang Pin Household Appliances and Interior Decoration Exhibition, which is defined as ‘Chinese Delicate Household Appliances’ NO.1 Exhibition’, was held in N1 and N2 venue of Shanghai New International Fair Center. Nie Shiquan and Ma Song, the representatives of Silver Star Intelligence, brought M-288, XR210, XR510F and etc. to this exhibition. At this time, Silver Star Intelligence’s exhibition position was set in N2 venue. Although there were two exhibition positions, it had no effect on distributors, purchasers and professional visitors’ attention. All visitors showed great interest in our products.

In promotion of our products, our company took WeChat as our new promoting method except traditional promoting methods such as pictures of attracting investment, product catalogue and painting. Moreover, we held an activity about ‘scan the WeChat, win the prize’ which results in many visitors, who like social interaction with real name system, participated in this activity and our products’ exposure rate was improved a lot.