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Marketing Research of Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

In order to service customers better and return to our company’s loyal users, Silver Star Intelligence plans to interview our company’s loyal customers to make an annual marketing research from 3rd to 19th of July. All of the interviewees will get our company’s gift.

The activity’s process is listed in the following place.

Between 3rd and 12th of July, our company’s related staff will inform you whether to participate this activity or not and the list of rewarded gifts.

Every participant needs to send the finished questionnaire to admin@yxrobot.com or zhumingying@xrobot.net before 19th of July. In the other hand, paper letters can also be used to be sent to Marketing Department, Room 602, Building 12, Second-stage Software Garden, Technology Mid Two Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City.

The rewarding situation will be opened in our official website www.yxrobot.com and brand website www.kv8.cn.

Welcome every user to participate.

Attention: this activity’s final explaining right is owned by Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.