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KV8 Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Appeared in 2013 Shenzhen Spring Gift Exhibition

The 21st Shenzhen Exhibition of international gift, artwork, clock and household appliance was held between 25th and 28th of April in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. This exhibition would last 4 days and occupy 0.115 million square meters. There were many domestic and foreign designers, producers and distributors of gift channel attended this exhibition. In addition, more than 3,600 different brands and 150,000 visitors gathered in this exhibition.

KV8 Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner of Silver Star Intelligence was displayed again with a new product in this exhibition. The new product ‘510F’ got most of the attention because it has an intelligent and touchable screen, some infrared sensors in its internal body and chassis and some voltage-sensitive sensors around its body. This robot can be used to sweep, mop and vacuum which shows its advantage of high technology and intelligence. Moreover, it attracted many distributors and visitors to talk about this robot.

Silver Star Intelligence’s biggest expectation is to be the leadership in family service robot industry and push the development of intelligent house cleaning. We believe we will achieve this goal in the future through our consistent efforts.